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Self-Reliance Resource Center

This is not an official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Content is intended to share local resources and information with the community for use in helping individuals and families with self-reliance efforts. Individuals and leaders should validate and verify suitability of each resource before using or recommending.

Spiritual Self-Reliance

MY FOUNDATION for Self-Reliance Manual – This manual consists of 12 short lessons that help individuals learn and live doctrinal principles that lead to spiritual and temporal self-reliance. The lessons can be used to strengthen families.   CLICK HERE 



SELF-RELIANCE GROUPS will be starting virtually January 17-23. Watch the two videos below to learn more about the program and the four Self-Reliance Groups, then click the button to select and register for a Group. 


Video - The Power of the Group

Video - Choosing a Self-Reliance Group

CLICK HERE to select and register for a Group

Resource Information

Employment Assistance

Stake Employment Specialist:         Clay Chesnut            801-798-3138

Springville Employment Resource Center                                                  1672 W 700 S Springville, UT 84663   801-491-7379

LDS Employment Resource Services

Utah Division of Workforce Services

Emotional Health

IHC FREE Emotional Health Relief Hotline, open 7 days a week from 10 am - 10 pm.            833-422-2211

Springville Family Services Agency 1672 West 700 South Suite D Springville, Utah 84663-4963                  801-489-9721

LDS Counseling Resources

LDS Life Help Resources

Local 2-1-1 United Way Mental Health + Addictions

Talk to the Stake Missionaries                801-358-6615

Emergency Preparedness

Springville Home Storage Center CLICK HERE    1672 W. 700 S. Springville UT 84663       801-491-7359

First Aid

Emergency Communication


Stake & Ward Emergency Planning Guide

Local Resources

Resource Directory

Many church and community organizations provide wonderful resources and services to meet the needs of individuals and families on their path to greater self-reliance. Click on the resource directory link below to begin to discover the available resources. Council with your mentor, minister or other church leader about how to potentially use these resources to find help and learn to become more fully self-reliant. 

Go to Resource Directory

Build Your Self-Reliance Plan

Individuals or families may use the Self-Reliance Plan form on their own or with the assistance of a mentor. The form helps assess needs, income, and expenses, identify available resources, identify service opportunities, and develop specific objectives to becoming more self-reliant.

Download the Self-Reliance Plan form
Additional languages

Welfare and Self-Reliance Tool Kit

This booklet gives a short overview of Church products and services for Church members and leaders. Local leaders can use this guide to choose the tools and services that will be most helpful in caring for those in need in their area. More in-depth information on each tool can be found using the links at the end of each topic. As a reminder, Church products and services are not the only resources in the Lord’s storehouse that leaders could use. 


Additonal CORONAVIRUS RELIEF RESOURCES - Employment, Business, Health

Small Business Helps

Many Resources are available to Small Business owners as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out resources below.

State of Utah Resources for Business

Federal Government Information

Small Business Development Center

Receive free, confidential business advice from SBDC advisors

Stake Sponsored Self-Reliance Groups and Other Events

Self-Reliance Initiative

Self-reliance is the “ability, commitment, and effort to provide the spiritual and temporal necessities of life for self and family. As members become self-reliant, they are also better able to serve and care for others.”  Join a group sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your area.  See upcoming groups.

Find online manuals, materials, videos and trainings for the Self-Reliance Initiative.


Emotional Resilience

This group will help you learn spiritual and practical skills to better care for your body, mind, emotions, and relationships. As you attend this course, work with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to know how to apply what you learn to your life and the lives of those you love.

You may choose either a Tuesday group or a Wednesday group. 

CLICK HERE to see the course manual


Personal Finance

All are invited to attend. Come and join a group to learn about personal finance, budgeting, protecting your family, and investing for the future. Groups are formed and meet for 12 weeks to learn, discuss and complete objectives.  Choose from a Wednesday or Thursday group.

CLICK HERE for additional local resources for this course.

Finanças Pessoais

Todos estão convidados a participar. Venha e participe de um grupo para aprender sobre finanças pessoais, orçamento, proteção de sua família e investimentos para o futuro. Os grupos são formados e se reúnem por 12 semanas para aprender, discutir e cumprir objetivos. Escolha um grupo de quarta ou quinta-feira. O dia da reunião do grupo é Domingo

 CLIQUE AQUI para recursos adicionais para este curso.


Starting And Growing My Business

All are invited to attend. Come and join a group about starting and growing your business including principles of business growth, building a customer base, managing cash flow and capital, marketing and more. Groups are formed and meet for 12 weeks to learn, discuss and complete objectives.  Register for a Wednesday Group.

CLICK HERE for additional local resources for this course


Find A Better Job

All are invited to attend. Come and join a group about finding a better job. Whether you are unemployed or just wanting to find a better opportunity, the group will cover principles of searching for opportunities, networking, creating personal power statements, resumes and job search techniques. Groups are formed and meet for 12 weeks to learn, discuss and complete objectives.  Group meeting day TBD.

CLICK HERE  for additional local resources for this course.

Education For Better Work

All are invited to attend. Come and join a group about education for better work. Course explores career paths, researches chosen opportunities, training requirements and schooling options. Groups are formed and meet for 12 weeks to learn, discuss and complete objectives. Group meeting day TBD

CLICK HERE for additional local resources for this course.

English Connect 1 & 2

EnglishConnect 1 and 2 are course for learning English through both classroom and online study. Groups are led by a teacher and participants meet once a week for 25 weeks. EnglishConnect 1 is the introductory level course. EnglishConnect 2 is for those who are ready to learn more work related language skills. The Stake is currently collecting names of those who might be interested.

Scholarship help for High School and College Students

What: “Introduction to Scholarships and How to Win Them” Where: Springville Employment – 1672 West 700 South, Springville UT When: Monday & Wednesday of each month. (For the month of April, it will be Monday & Thursday) 10:30am & 3:30pm. Who: High School and College age youth wanting to attend college. Parents welcome.

Self-Reliance Testimonies

Self-Reliance Group Participant's Testimonials

Watch Quinn's Video Testimony Below

Educational Opportunities

BYU-Pathway Worldwide

For the vast majority of church members throughout the world, attending a church college or university on campus is not a possibility, primary because of cost, time and location. 

BYU--Pathway Worldwide offers higher education - online - without ever requiring a student to come to a campus. 

Registration is open for upcoming semesters!
Click HERE for more information!


EnglishConnect brings together English language learners, instructors, volunteers, and Church leaders to create an English learning program for all of God‘s children. The program includes both face-to-face and online courses that also provide opportunities to learn more about the Church if learners choose to do so.

Visit the EnglishConnect Webpage.

Volunteer Opportunities

Use Your Talents to Help A Neighbor

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women General President taught, "some of the most significant needs we can meet are within our own families, among our friends, in our wards, and in our communities...Heavenly Father may have placed those who need us closest to us, knowing that we are best suited to meet their needs." Contact your local Stake Self-Reliance Committee, your Church leaders or community organization and let them know you are ready to use your talents to serve.

Find Opportunities In The Community with JustServe is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.